High School and College Testimonials

Even Better Results! John Forrest Secondary College

"In the past years students' test results after completing The Sound Way have been outstanding. The pre and post test results documented below indicate just how amazing The Sound Way program is. Our school's NAPLAN results have improved and over the past few years we have achieved above both the State and the Australian mean."

Louise Santarelli
John Forrest Secondary College, WA

Huge Improvement - Outstanding Results

"Swan View Senior High School has now engaged every student from Years 8 through 11 in the program. We have seen outstanding results with some students increasing their oral reading age beyond 5 years. We have also seen an improvement in whole cohort systemic test performance. For instance our 2013 Year 9 students demonstrated that in all test instruments our students were placed in the High Progress High Achievement Quadrant when compared to Like Schools. This is a huge improvement and demonstrates that the Sound Way has value added to our students' literacy needs. In 2015 we will be administering the Sound Way to all new Year 7 and 8 enrolments."

Damian Shuttleworth
Swan View Senior High School

Fabulous for Developing Competence in English

"Balga Senior High School has used The Sound Way program for 6 years. Indigenous and migrant students have improved their reading ages by as much as 4 years in 10-15 weeks. It is fabulous for developing competence in the English language, improving memory, hand writing skills, posture and team work. We are now using the newly developed paragraphing and sentencing work materials."

Geoff Harris
Balga Senior High School, WA

Immediate Results! Some Students Increased Their Reading Age By 5-Years

"The Sound Way is definitely the best program of its kind that I have come across. We have now put well over 150 students through the programme with excellent results. Students regularly increased their spelling age by 5 years in one term, with our current record improvement being 6.9 years in 10 weeks. Students also exhibit marked increases in comprehension levels, regularly doubling their understanding.

The program gives students the key to unlock previously firmly bolted doors to understanding by demystifying the English language so that students understand how words are constructed. The program's philosophy and structure also reflects the latest research on how the brain reprograms and learns.

As an English teacher with 10 years experience both in England and Australia it is an immense relief to be able to say to students, "I guarantee you success," and know that I can! The programme has made a huge difference to the students of this school.

Thank you Sound Way. It is a wonderful thing to see students who were scared of the English language fighting to read aloud. It doesn't get better than that!"

Patrick Deadman
Engaging Lofty Futures
Toowoomba Senior High School

Blown Away With Results!

"We were blown away with the results we gained after the 8 weeks of The Sound Way program. We had students improving up to 5 years in spelling age and over 6 years in reading. Not only did the students improve in reading and spelling but also their confidence soared. One of the biggest buzzes for me was to have the dyslexic student come to the programme one morning and say, "guess what I did yesterday - I read". He had an assignment to do in class that involved reading and for the first time in his life he had been able to read the assignment, follow the written instructions and then respond in writing."

Robyn Spalding
Newstead College
Launceston, Tasmania
(16 - 18 year old students)

Students, Teachers and Parents All Full of Praise!

"Each year students at our school celebrate their personal achievements in oral reading and spelling after successfully completing The Sound Way to Reading, Writing and Spelling program. It has a definite thumbs-up from our whole school community. We have been using it for 10 years now, and consistently see an awesome change in the skill level, reading accuracy and self-confidence of participating students.

Of extreme importance are the students own, "Post Sound Way" Reflections": "I'm passing Maths for the first time." - "I got 20 out of 30 for my Science test. My highest before was only 12." - "I can now read all the words on my Sims games before they fall off the screen." - "I've tried lots of things in the past and I didn't want to do this course because none of the others had helped. BUT THIS ONE DID!" - "I'm being nominated for Pathway 1 English next year." - "I've read all the "Harry Potter" books since finishing the course."Teachers, students and parents alike, are all full of praise for this course!"

Heather Helbig
Literacy Support
Carine Senior High School WA

School Student

"I am a 15-year-old student in year 10 and I attend our local high school. I felt as though I was struggling with English and I had heard about The Sound Way program, so I thought why not give it a go. I completed the programme in 6 weeks and I feel I have achieved a major goal.

My English teacher asked me to stay behind after one of our lessons. He told me how well I had been going and he asked if I had been seeing a private tutor. I said I had been working extra hard. I felt great! I was so proud of myself to know someone else noticed the change.

From the correct pen hold to the breaking down of syllables, this program has helped in every way possible. I feel as though I have achieved so much. I would recommend this program to anyone no matter what your age or your ability. I would sincerely like to thank Craig Henderson for producing this program as it has helped me immensely."

Andrew H.
(High school student - NSW)

School Student

"I recently finished The Sound Way program and I'm writing you a letter to let you know how much I've gained and how much I appreciated this program.

When I first started I was spelling at the age of a 10 year-old (6 years behind my actual age) and I was reading at the age of a 14 year-old. Since I have completed this program I've improved massively, and now when I'm spelling or even writing in class I find myself breaking down the words and going through the phonic communicators. I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to improve my spelling and reading and I hope that future groups appreciate this program as much as I do."

Samantha H.
(High school student - NSW)