International Testimonials

Amazing Himalaya Tibetan Refugee Students Sambhota: Tibetan School

"Dear Sir,

We are very fortunate to receive your e-mail which is regarding our student's performance using The Sound Way program. Thank you so much for your kind concern.

Since introducing the Sound Way into our school it has created an enormous impact and has greatly benefited our students by enabling them to learn and practice the skills of reading, writing and spelling English. In our school the English language is introduced from class IV onwards.

The word practice exercises and the process of marking the words correctly, along with learning the Phonic Communicators, has enabled our students and me to pronounce English words correctly and read sentences more fluently.

We are sending some photographs of the students performing various activities along with some video links for you to watch our students using The Sound Way program.

*Amazing links below! See 9-year-old Tibetan students blitzing The Sound Way program."

With regards,
Mrs.Bistimai and Mrs.Pemla
English teachers Sambhota

Kings College Shanghai, China

"Kings College Shanghai is a vocational English school located in the prestigious Jingan district. Kings College used The Sound Way to Spelling, Writing and Reading program for a three week intensive course with over 90 students.

As the Director of Studies at Kings College it was my responsibility to select, implement and evaluate curriculum materials for our various English programmes. In my experience the curriculums currently available are essentially based on the same educational methodologies, with results being based largely reliant on the skill of the teachers presenting the course, regardless of the materials they employed.

The Sound Way to Spelling, Writing and Reading English program is different from other English Courses because it is delivered via DVD, and the class teacher plays the role of a facilitator, or aide. This delivery method allowed us to get the same results with different groups and different teachers.

The results that we got from the three groups that went through our summer intensive program using The Sound Way course were nothing short of amazing.

Students had an average of 2 years improvement in their spelling ability and spelling age in just under 4 weeks. Our greatest improvement was 3.5 year increase in spelling age. Another remarkable improvement that we found with all the students was their sense of accomplishment after finishing the course. This I believe was due to their newfound understanding of the mechanics of the English language and has resulted in a huge confidence boost for all of the students involved.

The Sound Way program is a program that delivers results that cannot be matched in the ESL market today. I would recommend this program to any ESL school seeking materials that deliver outstanding results.

See some of the Before and After tests of these students below:"

Kings College Shanghai, China
Jorian Cunliffe
Director of Studies Kings College,

Ahmed Bin Majid School: Muscat, Oman (Middle East)

"Ahmed Bin Majid school is one of Oman's premiere private schools, it was the first school in Oman to trial The Sound Way program.

Teachers as well as students were trained in the same course, results are attached and they show remarkable improvement of reading and spelling ability in all the students (including the teachers).

After the initial training course teachers then taught The Sound Way program to their classes and continued to get excellent results.

Results from the classes taught by the Ahmed Bin Majid teachers are attached.

Ahmed Bin Majid School has recorded results in line with results gained in schools all around the world. Candidates showed an average growth in reading and spelling capability of 2.2 years on an international scale according to the Slosson Oral Reading Sort-R test.

Candidates and teachers lauded the program as the first course that really explained how English worked - the results were only half of the story because the real change was in the candidate's attitudes towards English and other subjects.

Teachers felt happy that they were able get such remarkable results from their candidates whilst learning new techniques for teaching and instruction of their class. See Before and After spelling tests below:"

Ministry of Defence, Royal Army of Oman: Sultanate of Oman

"The Oman Ministry of Defence Royal Oman Army ran a pilot study in Muscat with a group of high ranking officers for an intensive Sound Way course lasting 4 weeks. The officers came from a range of different levels and many had not attended an English course for fifteen years. The average age of the officers was 40. At the end of the program all the officers noted a major improvement in their English ability. At the end of the course a questionnaire was given out and the results were collated, the results showed that 100% of the officers thought that The Sound Way Program was the best English spelling, writing and reading program they had ever used and most of the officers asked to purchase the program to give to their children and family. Average increases of 80% in spelling ability and 82% in reading ability were evidenced and recorded after pre- and post-testing had been conducted."

Holy Cross Convent: Bangalore, India

"Dear Craig,

The students are again doing extremely well. Your hard work is seen in each video. Every day we think of you. This is the third batch I am teaching. I am up to the 12th lesson, and the students are picking it up easily and well. I am grateful to you for designing this programme. I just love it!

I am thankful to you for introducing it to us here in India. My wonderful experience with The Sound Wayprogramme is that I enjoy teaching it. While teaching it, I am also learning how to teach the students in a whole new and innovative way. You are my model when I take the English class, and I am learning so much from you. I am confident that your truly unique programme allows all of my students to learn English quickly, easily and in the most thorough and systematic way. I will see to it that wherever I am, I include this wonderful programme.

Following are some excerpts taken from students' experiences with The Sound Way:

  • "After this programme I have greatly improved in English."
  • "I have learned to pronounce, read and write English words."
  • "I improved my handwriting."
  • "It is an exciting programme through which I have gained confidence to speak English."
  • "I am confident to give a speech."
  • "I have improved my vocabulary."
  • "It is a unique and interesting one."
  • "I learned to be accurate and neat in my writing."
  • "I started writing my notes like the handwriting in The Sound Way programme."
  • "I am able to speak to the public because I am empowered with the correct way to speak, read and write."

Teachers' Experience:

  • "I am empowered to teach English."
  • "I feel happy that I am giving the best to my students."
  • "I feel I am not misleading them with the wrong way of teaching, I am givingthem the correct one."

I will keep in touch with you and send the pictures when I get them.

Loving regards from all the students."

Teacher Sr Arul Mary
Holy Cross Convent