Save money, improve Safety standards, lower accident rates and increase the potential of upskilling your employees

What will The Sound Way do for your Workplace?

The Sound Way literacy program is the ideal tool to deliver significant improvement to company productivity, profitability and communication throughout its network by quickly providing and imparting effective English literacy training to its employees.

What are the company benefits?
  • Improved Productivity: By enabling employees to successfully participate in effective job training through improved English literacy skills you definitely improve productivity.
  • Improved Company Records: Enabling your employees to fill in work reports, job sheets et cetera. Improving English literacy allows you to better keep track of what is going on throughout the company.
  • Improved Health and Safety Standards: Lower accident rates and lost time through increasing Health and Safety awareness.
  • Huge Financial Savings: Improved Health and Safety standards in larger mining, building or industrial companies will usually results in a huge financial savings overall; especially when it comes to insurances.
  • Increase the Potential to Develop Staff Leadership and Management from Within: Allows your company to develop and raise-up proven and capable workers from within your organization to leadership positions by improving their English literacy skills thereby equipping them with the necessary written skills they will need.
  • Increased Potential to Employ Migrant or Overseas Workers: Allows you to quickly develop migrants, or overseas-workers' seeking employment, with the necessary English literacy skills which will effectively enable them to be employable and fill the roles and positions they will be required to work in.

The Workplace Program comes complete with a 12-hour Facilitator Training Course, which along with the accompanying Facilitator Manual makes it extremely easy to implement. Delivery of the program only requires a committed and motivated facilitator to achieve major success and provide outstanding results.

How does it do this?

Through a sequentially developed set of face-to-face video-teaching lessons The Sound Way program's video-teacher instructs and leads whole groups (small or large) through a step-by-step process to successfully learn and master the skills of English reading, writing, spelling and clearly pronouncing English words. Each lesson concludes with a powerful 10-minute Daily Sentence Construction Exercise.

As the video-teacher sequentially develops and presents the vital literacy knowledge and understandings on the screen, the learners are interactively working along with him recording their work in carefully prepared and provided workbooks. This allows the Group Instructor the freedom to move around the room and actively oversight and supervise the group as they work. The results obtained through this cooperative approach to English literacy teaching can only be described as "stunningly amazing". What used to take years to accomplish, can now be accomplished in a few short months!

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How long does it take?

Short Course: 35 x 40-min. video-lessons - doesn't include teaching of cursive writing or oral reading practice:
1½ hours a lesson - recommend at least two lessons a week.

Extended Course: 50 x 40-min. video-lessons - includes teaching of cursive writing and oral reading practice:
1½ hours a lesson - recommend at least two lessons a week.

What is the cost?

Sound Way Workplace Site Licence (5 years): $6,997.00 plus GST

Participant Fee: $165.00 per participant plus GST

What else will we need as a Workplace or Facilitator?

Absolutely nothing! Everything required for the successful running and completion of The Sound Way program is provided within the Sound Way Workplace Site Licence Agreement. You will have online access to all of the Sound Way materials including the 50 x 40-minute video-teaching lessons.

Workplace Programs include a 12-hour Facilitator Video-Training Course and Facilitator Manuals in easy to read PDF format. These make it extremely easy for facilitators to implement the program within their workplace groups.

All necessary programming and timetabling required for facilitators is provided and can be found within their individual Facilitator Manuals.

Marking of students' Workshop Book 1 lessons is provided on video; Workshop Book 2 is marked at the discretion of the facilitator.

Participant workbooks (Manuals and Workshop Books) are provided in PDF format and are ready to be printed along with a set of the 3 Phonic Communicator Wallcharts for the classroom walls.

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One of Our Workplace Success Stories

Ahmed Bin Majid School - Muscat, Oman (Middle East)

Ahmed Bin Majid school is one of Oman's premiere private schools, it was the first school in Oman to trial The Sound Way program.

Teachers as well as students were trained in the same course, results are attached and they show remarkable improvement of reading and spelling ability in all the students (including the teachers).

After the initial training course teachers then taught The Sound Way program to their classes and continued to get excellent results.

Ahmed Bin Majid School has recorded results in line with results gained in schools all around the world. Candidates showed an average growth in reading and spelling capability of 2.2 years on an international scale according to the Slosson Oral Reading Sort-R test.

Candidates and teachers lauded the program as the first course that really explained how English worked - the results were only half of the story because the real change was in the candidate's attitudes towards English and other subjects.

Teachers felt happy that they were able get such remarkable results from their candidates whilst learning new techniques for teaching and instruction of their class.

Officers in Armed Forces of Oman: Play Video

Ahmed Bin Majid School has recorded results in line with results gained in schools all around the world.