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What will The Sound Way do for you?

Through a series of interactive online, face-to-face video lessons, The Sound Way places an experienced, professional literacy-teacher right into your own home. Working just like a personal tutor he leads the student through a step-by-step process to successfully learn how to read, write, spell and clearly speak English words independently for themselves.

What sort of improvements can I expect?

The program delivers an average improvement of 2 to 3 school years in reading and writing ability in 12 weeks; some students achieve more than 5 years improvement. To achieve this requires doing three lessons per week which take approximately one hour each. (30-min. for the video-teaching lesson and 30-min. to work and mark each corresponding Workshop Book exercise.)

How does it do this?

Through a sequentially developed set of face-to-face video-teaching lessons The Sound Way program's video-teacher teaches and leads your child, or the user, through a step-by-step process to successfully learn and master the skills of English reading, writing, spelling and clearly pronouncing English words.

The Sound Way program places a personal video-tutor right into your own home. As he (the video-teacher) sequentially develops, presents and explains the vital literacy knowledge and understandings students will need to succeed on the screen, they are interactively working along with him recording their work in carefully prepared and provided workbooks. The results your children, or the user, will obtain using this cooperative approach to English literacy teaching can only be described as "stunningly amazing". What used to take years to accomplish can now be accomplished in a few short months; and all of that right in your own home!

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Which program should I use?

All students 11 years of age through to adults use the Senior Sound Way Program.

All students 5 to 10 years of age use the Junior Sound Way Program.

What about Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD?

Through many years The Sound Way program has proven itself to work powerfully and effectively in overcoming and getting on top of these diagnostic labels - especially the dyslexia one.

We have had a number of notable successes with Autistic, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy children. Although this is certainly not the norm in these more extreme cases, we would still encourage you to try every possible avenue to help these children break free. Sometimes enabling them to read a simple children's book is in reality a major success and a giant step forward for them.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, check the guarantee page here.

What is the cost?

$397.00 inc. GST.

The Home Program provides online access to the complete set of face-to-face video-teaching lessons; PDFs ready to be printed out of the Student's Manual and Workshop Book (including the marking key); and online access to oral/video Practice Drills of the Phonic Communicators.

What else will I need?

Absolutely nothing! The Sound Way Home Program lessons contain all the necessary instructions for a home learner to successfully complete the program. These instructions are embedded into the online teaching-lessons themselves. A Home User Introductory Video clearly explains everything a parent or user will need to know or do. This is included within the package.

Parents will not need to pre-learn any material or part of the program before their children can commence. Older students (14 years+) should not require supervision.

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One of Our Home Program Success Stories


My 13 year old twins did The Sound Way program just over a year ago. They were about to go to high school and my struggling son was starting high school in a remedial literacy class. After completing The Sound Way program he went from being a struggling student, to being a capable student in a main-stream class with the rest of his friends. His confidence has literally gone through the roof, and he is now happy and thoroughly enjoys reading. His sister, who didn't really need to do the programm, now finds herself able to apply the things she learned from the programme to spell new words she doesn't even know.

We were so impressed with what the two of them have learned, that we've decided to start our 10 year old on The Sound Way. We believe it's like giving kids the picture to the jigsaw puzzle. Before, they may have had some of the pieces, but didn't know where they all went. Now, not only do they have all of the pieces, but they also know how to solve the puzzle that is the English Language.

Mr & Mrs Neale
Esperance, WA

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