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The Sound Way is a life-changing online program that provides all students with a tangible understanding of the mechanics of the English language. In just 10 weeks, we have seen as much as a 6 year improvement in reading, writing and spelling.

What will The Sound Way do for your school?

The Sound Way will lift and improve your students' K to 12 Reading and Writing skills by an average of 2 to 3 school-years across the school in one term. Some students will improve their Oral Reading Age by more than 5 years in that same time frame.

By the end of the first week you will observe a dramatic transformation of the writing standard of every student participating in the program.

How does it do this?

Through a sequentially developed set of video-teaching lessons, The Sound Way program's video-teacher teaches and leads whole classes (small or large) through a step-by-step process to successfully learn and master the skills of English reading, writing, spelling and clearly pronouncing English words.

The Sound Way provides schools with the wonderful opportunity to have two teachers operating in their classrooms at the same time. As the video-teacher systematically develops and presents the vital phonetic knowledge and understandings on the screen, the students are interactively working along with him recording their work in carefully prepared and provided workbooks; allowing the classroom teacher the freedom to move around the classroom and actively oversight and supervise their students as they work. The results teachers obtain through this cooperative approach to English literacy teaching can only be described as "stunningly amazing". What used to take years, can now be accomplished in a few short months!

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How it Works

The multi-sensory Sound Way programs begin by first teaching and programming the brain with the 45 sounds (phonemes) that comprise English words and the 75 ways there are of representing these sounds on paper (phonograms). The teaching, drilling and instilling of this esssential phonetic knowledge starts in the very first video-lesson and continues throughout the program. Integrated within this teaching is a thorough explanation and application of the rules of English spelling. This demystifies the reading and writing process and makes it truly understable to the students.

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A complete end-to-end phonics literacy program, ready to go!

Pay Per Student

The Sound Way program allows schools to pay per student. At only $22 per student, The Sound Way program is a must-have for all schools!

Interactive Video Lessons & Workbooks

All of the course content and instruction is provided to the students via the online interactive video lessons. This means the teachers are free to be able to oversight and supervise their students as they work in their student manuals and workshop books.

Teacher/Facilitator Training

With the School Launch Pack, schools receive an invaluable online Teacher Training Course, which includes in-depth videos and course instruction materials to help guide students through The Sound Way program.

"The Sound Way Program improved the average reading and writing skills of our entire Year 8, 9 & 10 students by more than 3 years in 10 weeks... I have never seen anything like this in my over 20 years of being in education."

Swan View Senior High School, Western Australia.

  • FAQ

  • What results can I expect?

    Average improvement of 2 to 3 school years in reading and writing ability in a 10-12 week period - regardless of whether they used the Junior or the Senior program. Older and more mature students have recorded improvements of over six years in their reading ability and four years in their spelling ability in the same timeframe.


    In Homes: 12 Weeks - requiring less than 4 hours per week and the completion of three video-lessons; each one takes approximately one and a quarter hours (including Workshop Book activity).

    In Schools: 10 weeks (One Term) - requiring 1.25 hours per day; completing 5 lessons per week including the 10 Minute Daily Sentence Construction Exercise and Workshop Book activity.

    RTOs and VET Centres: 10 Week Timetable requiring one 1.5 hour lesson to be completed per day, Mon. - Fri; alternatively, 5 Week Timetable - requiring two lessons to be completed per day, Mon. - Fri.

    *All of the above can be adapted to suit the local environment and circumstances.*


    In Homes: 17 weeks requiring approx 3 hours per week and completing three lessons per week.

    In Schools: 11 weeks requiring approx. 1.15 hours per day, completing 5 lessons per week including Sentence Construction Exercise and Workshop Book activity.

  • Yes, powerfully so!!! The straightforward, clear and positive presentation of the video lessons contained within the program provide a much desired positive change and improvement in participants' self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence; all of which greatly helps and aids them overcome their disabilities.

  • Home Programs

    It's actually very easy! The Sound Way Home Program online lessons have an Introductory Video which contains all of the necessary instructions to make it very simple for a Home Learner (young or old) or a Home Schooling parent to successfully implement and successfully complete a Sound Way program.

    Parents do not need to pre-learn any material, nor any part of the program before their children can commence. The Introductory Video clearly explains matters such as frequency of lessons and how parents can be supportive and encouraging as they oversee their children's progress. Older students, 11 years and over, will generally not need the same level of support. If, however, they are young teenagers, they will need some level of support and supervision.

    School, College and Workplace Programs:

    The 12-hour online Teacher/Facilitator Training videos, along with the accompanying Teacher/Facilitator Manuals makes implementation of the program extremely easy for both facilitators and students. All that is required to achieve outstanding results is a committed and motivated teacher/facilitator who will diligently facilitate and oversight their students during the presentation of the video lessons.

    All of the necessary Lesson Preparation, Programming and Timetabling has been provided for the teacher/facilitators and can be found within their Teacher/Facilitator Manuals.

Who is it suitable for?

All Children & Teenagers who need to improve their English reading, writing & spelling

We see an average improvement
of 2-3 school years' in one term with all students - primary to secondary school.

Students with Special Needs and Learning Disorders

Through many years, The Sound Way programs have proven itself to work powerfully and effectively in overcoming and getting on top of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD; as well as with many others who have learning disorders or special needs.

English as a Second Language Learners

Our programs focus on the mechanics of the English language. This means in a short periodof time, people are actually taught and learn to truly UNDERSTAND the English language it at its most fundamental level.

Huge Improvement - Outstanding Results

Swan View Senior High School has now engaged every student from Years 8 through 11 in the program. We have seen outstanding results with some students increasing their oral reading age beyond 5 years. We have also seen an improvement in whole cohort systemic test performance.

Damian Shuttleworth
Swan View Senior High School

16 countries

30,000 students

60,000+ years of reading and writing improvement

What contents are included in the School Launch Pack?

Video Lessons

  • 35 x 40-minute video lessons for senior program
  • 53 x 35-minute lessons for junior program
  • Introductory video lesson
  • Marking workshops for senior lessons 6 - 34

Teacher Resources

  • Teacher/Facilitator Manual (PDF)
  • Two Day Teacher/Facilitator Training Course on video. 8 sessions - approximately 1.25 hour/session
  • Set of Phonic Practice Wallcharts (PDFs)

Student Workbooks

  • Student Manual (PDF)
  • Student Workshop Books (PDF)
  • Student Senior Workshop Book 2 (PDF)
  • Student Sound Way Book (PDF)

What to Expect When Doing the Course?

Interactive Online Video Lessons

The Sound Way program is a complete phonics-based, language arts program. It provides a series of sequentially developed interactive online video lessons. These lessons have proven to consistently raise the literacy standards of participating classes by an average 2 to 3 school-years in one term (10 weeks). All of the lessons are presented by founder Craig Henderson. Craig works methodically and interactively with the students; explaining and drilling key concepts; as they record their work in specially prepared student manuals. This work is then consolidated and reinforced by students then completing and marking the corresponding student Workshop Book exercises for that lesson. At all times throughout the lessons students, along with their teachers, are participating and interacting verbally with Craig as he presents each lesson to them.

Working Along with Craig in Supplied Student Workbooks

Each student receives their own set of workbooks and works along with Craig, filling them out as they go.

Both the junior and senior Sound Way programs commence with the teaching and practising of writing methods, all the way through to completing exercises that get progressively more advanced as the courses go on. Within two weeks from the commencement date teachers, parents and students are all astounded at the standard and quality of the written work the students are producing.

Suggested Timetabling for The Sound Way Programs use in Schools

We recommend students using The Sound Way program in schools complete a full lesson each day, Monday to Friday. Doing this means the entire program can be completed in one term.

Starting with simple words like "cat"; to words like "miscellaneous"

The phonetic teaching and learning is progressive and is based upon scientific evidence and research. All of the essential requirements necessary for competent literacy teaching; recommended by both the Australian "National Enquiry into the Teaching of Literacy - December 2005" and the United States "National Reading Panel Report" of 2000; can be found incorporated within The Sound Way programs! Students start off with basic words and progressively move to more advanced words and more complex sentence structures; yet their steady literacy transformation and improvement continues to stagger and amaze.

How Much Does it Cost?

The once off School Launch Pack is $3,400 and pay only $22/student.


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What Our Teachers Have to Say

"The implementation of The Sound Way Program has truly transformed the reading, writing and spelling abilities of students schoolwide."

Terry Sawade
South Australia
Primary School

"This highly effective program quickly improved our students' literacy levels through integrating clear and explicit phonic teaching with the rules of English spelling."

Debbie Edwards
Primary School

"We were blown away with the results we gained after the 8 weeks of The Sound Way program. We had students improving up to 5 years in spelling age and over 6 years in reading."

Robyn Spalding
High School

"My class has just completed our term of the The Sound Way program. I have noticed a change in these children that is nothing short of miraculous. For most, they have gone from being not only a group of strugglers, but a class of children who were mostly anti-education and completely shut down! Our school had set up this special class this year as a trial project; not only to try to turn them around, but also to give the rest of the year level a break from their extreme apathy and dejection (on the whole). Our goal was to do as much as we could to lift them out of this, as well as try to get their learning back on track. Many factors have contributed to why these children had ended up this way. Children are now finishing their work, they are proud of their efforts, they are getting good results on tests for the first time in their lives. Nothing is too hard now, they believe that they are capable of anything, and they are! I've so enjoyed running this programme and I've got so much pleasure out of seeing the huge improvement in these lovely, happy, excited (formerly dejected and overwhelmed) children. I have never felt the thrill of success like I have this year. It really HAS made such a difference to the children and to me and my teaching style and focus."

Jayne West - Primary School
Townsville, Queensland

Improve your school's reading, writing and spelling by 2-3 school years in just 10 weeks.

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