What will The Sound Way do for your school?

The Sound Way will lift and improve your students' K to 12 Reading and Writing skills by an average of 2 to 3 school-years across the school in one term. Some students will improve their Oral Reading Age by more than 5 years in that same time frame.

The Video-Teacher, Craig, permanently equips teachers and students with a complete working knowledge and understanding of the fundamental mechanics of how the English language actually works. This provides a solid base and reliable platform from which teachers can now launch when teaching and imparting the higher order English skills required for good social and public communications.

By the end of the first week you will observe a dramatic transformation in the writing standard of every student participating in the program.

How does it do this?

Through a sequentially developed set of face-to-face video-teaching lessons The Sound Way program's video-teacher teaches and leads whole classes (small or large) through a step-by-step process to successfully learn and master the skills of English reading, writing, spelling and clearly pronouncing English words. Each day concludes with a powerful 10-minute Daily Sentence Construction Exercise.

The Sound Way provides schools with the wonderful opportunity to have two teachers operate in their classrooms at the same time. As the video-teacher sequentially develops and presents the vital literacy knowledge and understandings on the screen, the students are interactively working along with him recording their work in carefully prepared and provided workbooks; allowing the classroom teacher the freedom to move around the classroom and actively oversight and supervise their students as they work. The results teachers obtain through this cooperative approach to English literacy teaching can only be described as "stunningly amazing". What used to take years, can now be accomplished in a few short months!

For a more in-depth understanding as well as video examples of the above Click here.

Which program should we use?

All students 11 years of age through to adults use the Senior Sound Way Program.

All students 5 to 10 years of age use the Junior Sound Way Program.

How long does it take?
  • Senior School Program (Short Course - 35 x 40-min. video-lessons) - doesn't include teaching of cursive writing or oral reading practice:
    1½ hours a day Monday to Friday - 8 weeks.
  • Senior School Program (Extended Course - 50 x 40-min. video-lessons) - includes teaching of cursive writing and oral reading practice:
    1½ hours a day Monday to Friday - 10 weeks.
  • Junior School: Program (53 x 35-min. video-lessons):
    1¼ hours a day Monday to Friday for 11 weeks (68 hours).
What about Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD?

Through the past twenty-seven years The Sound Way program has proven itself to work powerfully and effectively in overcoming and getting on top of these diagnostic labels - especially the dyslexia one.

We have had a number of notable successes with Autistic, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy children. Although this is certainly not the norm in these more extreme cases, we would still encourage you to try every possible avenue to help these children break free. Sometimes enabling them to read a simple children's book is in reality a major success and a giant step forward for them.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, check the guarantee page here.

What is the cost?

You will need a 5 year school site licence and to pay a $19 per student fee for each student in your classes.

  • Senior School Site Licence: $4 997.00 + GST (5 year licence)
  • Junior School Site Licence: $4 997.00 + GST (5 year licence)
  • Combined Senior and Junior School Site Licence: $5 997.00 + GST (5 year licence)
  • Student Fee (Senior and Junior Programs): $19.00 per student + GST
What else will we need as a school or a teacher?

Absolutely nothing! Everything required for the successful running and completion of The Sound Way program is provided within the Sound Way School Site Licence Agreement.

You will have online access to all of the Sound Way teaching materials which includes the face-to-face video-teaching lessons.

School Programs (Junior and Senior) come complete with a 12-hour Teacher/Facilitator Video-Training Course; along with accompanying Teacher/Facilitator Manuals. These make it extremely easy for teachers to understand and thereby implement the program within their own classrooms.

All necessary programming and timetabling required of teachers is provided and can be found within their individual Teacher/Facilitator Manuals.

The Sound Way Video-teaching Lessons with Craig are provided online, along with video marking of the completed Senior students' Workshop Book 1 lessons.

Students' workbooks (Manuals and Workshop Books) are provided in PDF format ready to be printed; along with a set of the 3 Phonic Communicator Wallcharts for the classroom wall and a full set of the 75 individual Phonic Communicator Flash Cards.

Program contents include:

  • School Site Licence (Five Year)
  • Teacher/Facilitator Manual (PDF)
  • Two Day Teacher/Facilitator Online Video Training Course (8 sessions - approx. 1¼ hour/session)
  • Online Introductory Video
  • Complete set of the 53 x 35-min. Junior Sound Way; or the 50 x 40-min. Senior Sound Way; online video lessons
  • Set of Phonic Communicator Practice Cards (PDF)
  • Set of Phonic Communicator Wall-charts (PDF)
  • Set of Phonic Communicator Online Audio/video Drills
  • Student Junior and Senior Manual (PDF's)
  • Student Junior and Senior Workshop Book (PDF's)
  • Student Sound Way Book for Junior Program (PDF's)
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One of Our School Program Success Stories

Huge Improvement - Outstanding Results

Swan View Senior High School has now engaged every student from Years 8 through 11 in the program. We have seen outstanding results with some students increasing their oral reading age beyond 5 years. We have also seen an improvement in whole cohort systemic test performance.

For instance our 2013 Year 9 students demonstrated that in all test instruments our students were placed in the High Progress High Achievement Quadrant when compared to Like Schools. This is a huge improvement and demonstrates that the Sound Way has value added to our students' literacy needs. In 2015 we will be administering the Sound Way to all new Year 7 and 8 enrolments.

Damian Shuttleworth
Swan View Senior High School

Swan View Senior High School: Play Video

We have seen outstanding results with some students increasing their oral reading age beyond 5 years. We have also seen an improvement in whole cohort systemic test performance.